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As investors and owners in Agriculture Land, Working Cattle Ranches, and Farms, we have been frustrated by the difficulty in obtaining information in a concise and expeditious manner from the listing agents of these types of properties. We have found that most agents and brokers have a few related listings without knowing or having access to information from other agencies and brokers in the area or state. Information about working cattle ranches, especially, has been difficult to obtain, and it can be weeks and even months before we have received information about ranches and farms that are for sale in a larger region, or within the given state.

Realizing that there is a definite need for a single, comprehensive resource containing and devoted exclusively to these property types throughout a given area, Land and Ranch Sales offers this advertising service to agents and owners. This service is provided for you at virtually no cost when compared to conventional advertising.

Agents listing properties with Land and Ranch Sales will have, at their fingertips, not only their own listings, but similar properties from other brokers in their area, increasing sales, and making it easier to retain their clients. This site is designed for the convenience and control of the listing individual, who may change or add additional information or photos, in an easy and user friendly manner.

What We Offer

We simply and effectively provide an easy-to-use service, and internet presence that gets your name and your listed properties in front of potential buyers and brokers throughout the world. Like an “Online Magazine” or “Mall” we drive interested parties to your office, website, email, telephone (and to your bank!). We are not in competition with our listers. We do not represent any of the listing brokers or land owners. We are not an advertising platform for other businesses to clutter our site and confuse the users.

  • Reaches 100,000,000 homes and businesses.
  • Listings available to buyers and brokers worldwide . . . immediately!
  • Increased Sales opportunities, not only from your listings but from other listing agents.
  • We tailor our service to fit your needs.
  • You have unlimited space for your listed acreages, farms and ranches.
  • All listings may include extensive information, incorporating maps and photos.
  • We can provide a personalized web site devoted to your business, or direct interested traffic to your existing site.
  • All listings are secure and agent controlled and can be posted, and updated immediately.
  • This site will be advertised in many agricultural journals, and many other publications listing acreages, farms, and ranches for sale in the United States and around the world.
  • Provide for you an Internet Presence for the sale of your property. Minimal cost, with the greatest exposure

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