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Sell your land or your ranch, or buy your dream horse ranch Land and Ranch Sales

Land and Ranch Sales has an ever growing list of acreage for sale in each state. All land, acreage, horse farms and ranches featured on the Land and Ranch Sales website are offered either by agent or by owner, to prospective buyers or as a source for other real estate agents. Each listing featured will have pertinent information about the ranch, horse farm or acreage, such as number of cattle, number of private and leased acres, irrigation, improvements, purchase price, and agent/owner contact information. All listed properties on the Land and Ranch Sales website may be searched by type, size, price, and state or county, along with photos and agent or owner websites, e-mail addresses and other contact information. Keep in mind that each agent represented on the Land and Ranch Sales website may not have all of their listings on this site alone. If you do not find the size, and type of ranch you are looking for, you may contact any broker, agent or owner directly.

If you prefer, you may contact us at with your specifications and we will direct you to a real estate agent, or provide you with the information requested. As ongoing investors and active owners in agriculture land, working cattle ranches and farms, for many years, we have been frustrated by the difficulty in obtaining information in a concise and expeditious manner from the listing agents of these types of properties. We have found that most agents and brokers have a few related listings without knowing or having access to information from other agencies and brokers in the specific area or state.

Specifically, pertinent information about working cattle ranches in selected counties and neighboring states has been extremely difficult to obtain at best, and can easily take weeks, sometimes months before the right and accurate land and ranch information is received, and that an informed decision can be taken by the interested party. Realizing that there is a definite need for a single, comprehensive land and ranch website, devoted exclusively to horse ranches, acreage and related land throughout a given area, Land and Ranch Sales offers this advertising service to real estate agents and ranch owners.

Our land and ranch listing service is provided to you at a very small cost, when compared to conventional advertising media used in the real estate industry. Real estate agents listing properties on this website will have available at their finger tips similar properties from other brokers in their area, substantially increasing sales and making it easier to retain their clients. This website is designed for the convenience, the efficiency and the enhanced control it offers to the horse ranch community, who can modify, add or delete additional land and ranch photos, listings or related details, all in a user-friendly manner interface.

At Land and Ranch Sales, we are here to serve you, and make your search for acreage, horse farms or working cattle ranches a simple and pleasurable experience.